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    The Chinese ‘Auntie’ Who Hit the Road — and Never Looked Back

    In late 2020, retiree Su Min left her husband and embarked on a solo road trip across China. Over three years later, she’s still traveling — and inspiring countless other Chinese women to try the same thing.

    For decades, Su struggled to juggle her factory job with raising her daughter and dealing with her often-abusive husband. Then, one day, the 50-something decided enough was enough. She jumped in the car, hit the road, and started a new life.

    Since then, Su has become an icon for women all over the country. She has documented her epic road trip via social media, attracting a huge following. In her videos, she often makes clear that life on the road is uncomfortable, difficult, and often quite mundane. But in a country where many women — especially older women — feel unable to put themselves first, Su’s fearless pursuit of happiness has struck a chord.

    After over three years of traveling, Su has driven across the country multiple times and become a bona fide celebrity along the way. In this video, she discusses how her life has changed since her journey began — and why she never plans to return home.

    Reporters: Liu Jingwen, He Kai, and Liu Yuxiu; video editors: Liu Jingwen and Wu Huiyuan; intern: Jiang Lüyue.