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    There are five tones in Mandarin Chinese. When it comes to coverage of China, Sixth Tone believes there is room for other voices that go beyond buzzwords and headlines to tell the uncommon stories of common people.

    Through fresh takes on trending topics, in-depth features, and illuminating contributions, Sixth Tone covers issues from the perspectives of those most intimately involved to highlight the nuances and complexities of today’s China.

    We are a team of writers, editors, and researchers from within China and abroad. We belong to Shanghai United Media Group.

    Daily Tones  are daily news and highlights from across China.

    News  are timely reports on issues and events from across China. Drawing from a vast range of sources, these articles provide insights into the significance of each issue in a wider context.

    Features  are articles that cut to the core of contemporary China. In-depth, informed, and carefully crafted, every piece is carried by the voices of the story’s participants.

    Voices & Opinion  are contributions from individuals with unique perspectives to share. Hear from everyone, from experts and commentators to those whose voices are rarely heard.

    Multimedia  are visual stories that get up close and personal with contemporary China. A mix of short videos, documentaries, photography, and data visualization.

    Sixth Tone ×  features translations, cross-publications, and collaborative projects from Sixth Tone’s external partners.

    Special Projects  showcase the collaborative efforts of Sixth Tone’s newsroom on diverse topics.

    Q & A  features in-depth interviews with the minds and makers shaping today’s China. Your questions, answered.

    Announcements  are the latest news about Sixth Tone as well as its events, projects, and other initiatives.