Taobao Bans ‘Lie Flat’ Cat Cartoon

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As Heat Takes its Toll, a Worker’s Family Struggles to Cope

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Heat Death at a Freight Depot

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Chinese Province to Kill Majors With Low Employment Rates

2022-08-05 09:18:59

Boast About Big Bucks Busts Brokers’ Bankrolls

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Bridesmaids Go Professional

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In Training Machines, China’s Disabled Find New Hope, Old Woes

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He Can’t Find Work Due to Prior COVID Infection. He’s Not Alone.

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Burnt Out and On Edge, China’s Coders Hunt Options Abroad

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Shanghai Job Ads Discriminate Against Applicants Who Had COVID

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Shanghai Offers Hassle-Free ‘Hukou’ to City’s Postgraduates

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Chinese Embrace Remote Work — Just Not Under Lockdown

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Shanghai Lures Graduates From Top Global Schools With ‘Hukou’

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Zhihu Accused of Forcing Employees to Resign in ‘Violent Layoffs’

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To Attract Talent, a Huzhou District Offers Free Live-In Study Camp

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Behind China’s Nurse Shortage, a Lack of Respect

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Chinese Actors No Longer to Receive Paychecks in Cash

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Eventually, China’s Borders Will Reopen. Will Foreigners Return?

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In Shanghai, Homeless Delivery Workers Are Surviving on Free Takeout

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Ministry Warns New Graduates of Tougher Job Prospects

2022-04-28 06:36:15