For Many Young Chinese, Studying Abroad Was Plan A. There Was No Plan B.

1 day

China Wants to Screen Students for Depression. What Then?

1 day

China Uses Social Credit System to Punish Academic Misconduct

China to Build National Sex Offender Database for Use by Schools

After Years of Forced Rehab, China’s Drug Users Struggle to Stay Sober

6 days

New Guideline Aims to Further Tame China’s Entertainment Industry

2020-09-17 10:00:06

Guideline Sets New Standards for Legal Cases Involving Minors

2020-09-17 09:03:42

China Wants Marriage Registration to Be ‘More Ceremonial’

2020-09-09 11:19:57

Suzhou Backtracks on ‘Civility Code’ for Monitoring Residents

2020-09-07 10:15:33

China Issues First Legal Guideline on Self-Defense

2020-09-04 10:26:08

Shanghai Confronts a Furry Pest Problem: Millions of Stray Cats

2020-09-04 09:13:59

The Silent Victims of China-India Travel Bans: Cancer Patients

2020-09-02 11:06:32

China Launches 1-Year Campaign Against Theft of Cultural Relics

2020-09-01 07:16:49

Seeking New Talent, Hainan Lowers Income Tax on Top Earners to 15%

2020-08-28 08:30:50

Temples for the Masses: The Chinese ‘Adopting’ Local Monuments

2020-08-25 09:12:45

Anti-Corruption Watchdog to Crack Down on Illegal Dual Citizens

2020-08-11 09:15:01

Can Lotteries Level China’s School Admissions Playing Field?

2020-08-10 12:18:37

Shanxi to Ban Unapproved Fireworks From October

2020-08-10 10:11:44

How 2020 Exposed the Holes in China’s Flood Controls

2020-08-05 12:37:23

Thousands of Games Removed From Apple’s China App Store

2020-08-03 11:10:07