2016-04-23 09:02:37  + video 

“I surf in the ocean, and I am a child of the ocean,” says Guo Weilong. First windsurfing, then sailing — Guo has been active in the ocean for 12 years, and he’s only 23 years old. As a post-90s sailboat captain, Guo loves exploring, challenging himself, being in the water, and has a desire to travel around the world. Because of windsurfing and sailing, Guo became an athlete, and strives to become a champion of the sport. Guo is now the captain of a sailing team. Every day he helps people to sail faster.

“You might care about too many things when you are on the land. But when you are in the ocean, you have no other choice but to face everything with courage.”

The Sailboat Captain: ‘Face waves with courage, it’s called sailing.’