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    90s Kids: The Travel Girl

    As far as Hua Yiqin is concerned, traveling is never about the money.
    Jul 24, 2016#vivid tones

    There were many firsts for Hua Yiqin during her university days: the first time she slept under the seats in an overnight train; the first time she saw snow-capped mountains and lakes turned into ice; the first time she went paragliding — the list goes on.

    Through her experiences, Hua transformed from a self-described geek who loved the indoors to a tough girl who travels alone. She has visited many places in three years, and now she is the leader of an outdoor travel club. “If I hadn’t seen and experienced so many things, I would never have become the person I am today,” she said.

    Through endless journeys in messy trains, living on barely any money, and feeling worn-out after long hikes, traveling has brought Hua to new heights. “You can choose ‘shoestring’ or luxury,” she said. “But the point is that it’s never about money.”