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    Mainland Families Make Their Move After Hong Kong Relaxes Housing Measures

    On February 28, Hong Kong finally revoked stamp duties introduced in 2010 to curb speculation in the city’s notoriously expensive housing market. The overturning of these “spicy policies” opened a window of opportunity for families from the Chinese mainland to lay down roots in a city that can offer not just better educational and job prospects for their children, but also a chance to experience a different culture. Many have since relocated from neighboring cities like Shenzhen, making use of Hong Kong’s talent recruitment scheme. However, the path to a better life is rife with challenges, as these “New Immigrants” navigate learning Cantonese, conflicts with their children, and housing prices still far from cheap.

    Reporter: Liu Xiaobei; video editors: Huang Zhihan, Xu Caihong, Lü Xiao, and Jiang Lüyue.