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    Collage: How Cities Across China Are Welcoming the Dragon

    The best art and installations celebrating the imminent arrival of the Year of the Dragon.
    Feb 08, 2024#Lunar New Year

    As the Year of the Dragon approaches, various dragon-themed art installations have appeared across China. Since the last Year of the Dragon 12 years ago, advancements in sound and light technology, fireworks production, and drone technology have meant the emergence of new, creative ways for depicting the symbolic creature.

    In Shanghai, the dragon lanterns at the Yuyuan Garden Lantern Festival have become a popular destination for tourists, with diamond-studded dragon heads adorning luxury storefronts; in northeastern Shenyang, visitors can witness dragons soaring into the sky at a film and television city; and in eastern Hangzhou, huge dragon displays on 3D screens are captivating passersby.

    Sixth Tone presents photos showing the best of dragon-inspired art and installations across China.

    Editor: Vincent Chow.