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    A City in Bloom: Shanghai Through the ’90s

    Since its Dec. 27 release, ‘Blossoms Shanghai’ has led TV ratings. Directed by Wong Kar-wai and set during the city's economic boom in the 1990s, the show has sparked a social media frenzy and fueled a travel boom to iconic Shanghai landmarks.
    Jan 12, 2024#Shanghai#arts

    China’s runaway hit TV drama “Blossoms Shanghai” concluded Tuesday, drawing curtains on its dazzling portrayal of the city in the 1990s. Adapted from Jin Yucheng’s award-winning novel of the same name, the series, directed by Wong Kar-wai, captures the essence of Shanghai on the brink of modernization.

    In this era of rapid development, the city’s residents saw the skyline transform as high-rises began dotting the landscape. It was also marked by significant lifestyle changes — people embraced new fashion styles, started using mobile phones, and began investing in the stock market.

    Sixth Tone presents a selection of photos from the 1990s that showcase the city’s evolution.

    Editor: Apurva.

    (Header image: A model speaks on a mobile phone on a bridge over Nanjing Road in Shanghai, Oct. 1, 1995. Gerhard Joren/LightRocket via VCG)