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    Outrage as Chinese Man is Caught on Tape Butchering Wife’s Dog

    While the man has since been arrested, the incident has reignited calls for legislation to prevent cruelty to animals.

    A disturbing video documenting a man’s ruthless slaughter of his wife’s beloved corgi has sparked condemnation online and renewed calls for immediate action to protect animals. While the man was arrested and fined 300 yuan ($42), his wife stated on Weibo that she will apply for a divorce and will not “accept any mediation.” 

    The distressing incident unfolded in the early hours of May 1 in Yuncheng County in the eastern Shandong province. The man, reportedly under the influence of alcohol, brutally attacked the dog for 20 minutes, which his wife captured on camera.  

    In the video, which may be disturbing to some viewers, the man is seen strangling the dog, when it scratches him while defending itself. Incensed, the man leaves the room and returns armed with a cleaver and mercilessly attacks the dog, slashing at it for over 20 excruciating minutes, while the woman is heard screaming in terror. 

    Throughout the chilling act, he brazenly threatens his wife, saying, “If you don’t listen to me, you’ll be the next,” and even taunts her with: “I’m just killing a dog, which isn’t illegal.”

    In a post on Weibo, the woman stated that she recorded the brutal act on camera and sent the video to her father-in-law, begging for help. She added in the post that when her father-in-law arrived, he watched his son kill her dog and then helped him clean the floor.

    Following an investigation into the incident, local authorities in Yuncheng County released a statement Monday, verifying the authenticity of the woman’s ordeal. Consequently, her husband has been arrested and faces 12 days of administrative detention, along with a 300 yuan fine.

    “For the legitimate rights and interests of the woman, the relevant departments of our county will provide all-around protection. At the same time, we will strengthen animal protection,” said the announcement.

    The killing took place on May 1, but the woman’s post describing the horror was only shared on social media on May 28. Since then, she has deleted the original post from her Weibo account, where her profile photo features the corgi. 

    In the short time since her post, the abhorrent act of animal cruelty has ignited a firestorm of outrage across Chinese social media. As well as expressing their disgust, netizens have also focused on the broader issue of domestic violence. 

    Lawyer Lü Xiaoquan, from the Beijing Qianqian Law Firm, renowned for providing legal aid to victims of gender-based violence, emphasized in a post on Weibo that harming a partner’s pet should be classified as a form of domestic violence due to its destructive nature.

    “It is no less destructive and damaging to the partner than direct physical violence and demonstrates typical controlling characteristics,” said Lü.

    In response to the incident, an online campaign has been launched on platforms such as Weibo and Xiaohongshu to rally support for anti-animal abuse legislation. Thousands of users have shared heartfelt pictures of their pets, symbolizing their solidarity with the cause and demand for change.

    “In my opinion, the most shocking part of the case is the man saying ‘I’m just killing a dog, which is not illegal,’” said a netizen.

    Despite several incidents of cruelty, China is yet to outlaw the mistreatment of animals. At present, the law only protects rare and wild animals.

    While scholars proposed legislation in 2010, critics cited conflicts with local customs as the reason for the legislation not being enacted. In recent years, demands for such legislation have grown louder, with National People’s Congress (NPC) delegates repeatedly urging that the issue be addressed. 

    Editor: Apurva. 

    (Header image: A photo of the womans Corgi. From Weibo)