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    A Day in a Shanghai Park: Reading Yeats at the Marriage Market

    Public parks are oases of calm in modern Shanghai. Open, healing, and free for all, they are where people retreat to after a hard day’s work, an argument, or a breakup. They provide the space to calm the body and mind, escape the bustle of the city, and be in the moment — even if it’s just for a few minutes.

    After Shanghai emerged from a two-month lockdown earlier this year, the city’s public parks were where people rushed back to, for fresh air, freedom, and human connection.

    In this series, Sixth Tone captures the daily rhythm of life in three of Shanghai’s parks. The first episode is about Cao Zaifei, an art professor who likes to read out romantic poetry at his local marriage market — a weekly meetup where residents arrange dates for their children.

    Producers: Fu Beimeng and Pang Yuhong; videographer: Pang Yuhong; editor: Lü Xiao; second camera: Wu Huiyuan and Gong Qijing; motion graphics: Fu Xiaofan; assistant producer: Zhang Liting.

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