2022-05-30 12:48:03

Up to 96% of Shanghai’s residents could be out of lockdown on Wednesday, the city government said in an announcement Monday evening. Shanghai announced that most people would be allowed to enter and leave apartment compounds from Wednesday “without any restrictions.”

About 890,000 people will remain in lockdown, in areas which are still considered at risk of COVID-19 transmission. These include the “quarantine” and “control” zones. These designations are usually based on positive test results in the past 14 days. The city has only seven remaining “medium-risk areas,” a higher level of alert.

On Wednesday, public bus and rail transport will “basically resume operations,” city officials said. Taxis and ride-hailing cars will also resume normal operations, and private cars will be allowed to get back on the road. Four subway lines and some bus routes have resumed service since last week, mostly shuttling people to the city’s airports and train stations.

Officials said earlier that shopping malls and department stores would resume operations from Wednesday, with total visitors not to exceed 75% of maximum capacity. At least some workers are set to go back to the office Wednesday. (This reporter among them).

Re-opening will involve a lot of COVID tests. Shanghai residents will need negative PCR test results within 72 hours to access public transport and crowded places. The city relaxed this requirement from 48 hours in an announcement Sunday.

The city has set up about 15,000 testing stations. City officials said testing capacity will be able to meet demand as the city resumes work and production.

Editor: David Cohen.

(Header image: A girl plays at drawing a COVID-19 test sample from a stone lion in Shanghai, May 29, 2022. VCG)