2022-01-13 04:43:00

In 2021, Sixth Tone partnered with several visual artists who used their craft to illustrate our diverse stories. 

From endangered animals to the lives of China’s model community, we list some notable illustrations from the past year.

The West Now Has New COVID-19 Cures. How About China?

Across China, Species on the Brink

The Curious Case of China’s Feminist Eugenicists

     Art for the Countryside’s Sake

China’s ‘Drifting’ Migrant Mothers Tell Their Stories

Children of the Revolution: The Lives of China’s Model Communists

A Brief History of Chinese Vaccination Campaigns

For Gay Migrants, Cruising Spots Aren’t Just Shadows and Shame

Inside China’s Cult of the Cat

Training Our Tongues to Forget

(Header image: Liliia Kyrylenko/VectorStock/People Visual)