2021-05-28 10:27:20

A police officer in the eastern Fujian province has been sentenced to nine years in prison for attempted rape, local authorities announced Wednesday.

Zou Binsheng, the former deputy director of a police station in the town of Zhuotian, was detained after becoming aggressive toward a waitress at a karaoke bar in November, according to domestic media. He later tried to rape her.

Xie Jiacheng, a civil servant at the public security bureau in Changting County, which administers Zhuotian, has also been named as a rape suspect, according to local authorities. Accused of trying to forcefully kiss a woman at a bar and attempting to rape her, he is currently awaiting trial.

Under Chinese law, the crime of rape is punishable by three to 10 years in prison, with harsher punishments — up to life imprisonment or death — permissible in severe cases. Lighter punishments may be granted when the crime was attempted but not perpetrated.

Three high-level officials at the Changting public security bureau, including its director and the director of the Zhuotian police station, have been dismissed from their posts for being negligent in their supervisory duties, according to the announcement.

“This case has had an abominable influence on society, severely damaging the image of our law enforcement team,” the announcement said. It also reminded other officers of their commitment to serve with integrity.

Editor: Bibek Bhandari.

(Header image: People Visual)