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    Sixth Tone Announces New Collaborative Platform

    Sixth Tone × will feature edited translations from respected Chinese media outlets.
    Apr 08, 2021#media

    In honor of our fifth anniversary, Sixth Tone is proud to announce the launch of an all-new section: Sixth Tone ×. Dedicated to bringing the best in Chinese-language reporting and nonfiction to a wider audience, Sixth Tone × will feature translated stories from some of China’s most highly regarded media outlets, as selected and edited by Sixth Tone.

    Last year, Sixth Tone began publishing a translation column with engaging, impactful stories from major outlets like China Newsweek, China Business Journal, Guyu Lab, The Intellectual, White Night Workshop, and Sixth Tone’s sister publication The Paper. These stories offered a window into the complexities and challenges of contemporary China: a housewife who escaped her abusive marriage by hitting the open road, a young Jack Ma doppelgänger consumed by China’s viral entertainment industry, survivors of a top secret and deadly highway construction project, and a trafficked bride known only as “Hey.”

    Sixth Tone × represents the next step in the evolution of this column. In collaboration with our partners, both old and new, we plan to bring our readers diverse, innovative stories from across China’s media landscape, including in-depth reporting, photo essays, longreads, videos, and more. Our hope is to strengthen Sixth Tone’s coverage of the topics that matter while staying true to our founding mission: giving a platform to “fresh voices from today’s China.” 

    (Header image: People Visual)