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    Half Tones

    Chinese Policy Proposal Calls for Mandatory ‘Parent Training’

    May 27, 20200

    A member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) has floated a proposal that would require parents to receive “proper training” and a license before having children, and as a prerequisite for access to public education, triggering mixed reactions online.

    Xu Hongling, a CPPCC member from the northern city of Tianjin, said local residential communities should organize parenting classes, and only “qualified parents” should be allowed to send their children to public schools, local media reported Tuesday. She added that the idea had been inspired by a recent uptick in high-profile crimes involving minors, which “exposed a lack of family education.”

    The traditional Chinese parenting style is frequently criticized as overbearing and controlling, with experts suggesting it’s a “misguided approach to raising children.” In response, so-called anti-parent forums have sprung up online, functioning as support groups where children can unburden themselves of any issues they face, such as abuse or mental illness.(Image: People Visual)