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    Half Tones

    Chinese Legislator Proposes Canceling English Translation at Press Events

    May 27, 20200

    A delegate of the National People’s Congress has proposed ending English-language translation services during Chinese press conferences on foreign affairs, People’s Daily Online reported Tuesday. “After researching and considering public opinion, we suggest canceling English translations at China’s domestic press conferences on major foreign affairs topics,” Yang Weiguo told the outlet.

    Yang, who is also the mayor of Zhuzhou in the central Hunan province, noted that Chinese is one of the six official languages of the United Nations, and said translations may cause press conferences to be less efficient. The adoption of Yang’s motion would “maintain the dignity of the Chinese language” and “demonstrate cultural confidence,” according to the report.

    This is not the first time Chinese legislators have put forward motions related to English at the “two sessions” — high-profile meetings of China’s top legislative and political advisory bodies, held annually in Beijing. In 2017, another NPC delegate proposed canceling the English portion of China’s college entrance exam, the gaokao, as well as making the subject optional rather than compulsory at schools. The motion was not adopted.(Image: People Visual)