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    Half Tones

    Phonemaker OnePlus Apologizes for ‘X-Ray’ Camera Filter

    May 20, 2020

    Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus apologized Tuesday after netizens raised privacy concerns over one of the company’s camera filters, which was shown to see through some clothes and plastics.

    The filter, called Photochrom, appears to use the phone’s infrared sensing capability to capture a type of light that’s normally invisible to the naked eye. With the filter enabled, pointing the phone’s camera at certain black objects — such as a TV remote or video game controller — reveals the circuitry and hardware underneath. Meanwhile, if a person hides a piece of paper with a message written on it under a black shirt, that message becomes visible with the filter switched on.

    OnePlus said its next system update will remove the filter until the company can “resolve this concerning issue.” (Image: From Weibo)