2018-12-06 09:54:59

On Tuesday, a public primary school in Shenzhen issued a notice that enrollment eligibility would be based on years lived in certain sizes of local homes, China News Service reported Wednesday.

To apply for enrollment, children must have resided in the school’s district for either six-plus years in a home no larger than 30 square meters, or four-plus years in a home over 30 square meters but no larger than 50 square meters. With ever-higher demand for limited seats, the school says the measure — set to go into effect in 2019 — is intended to reduce applications from families who recently registered a local residence for the purpose of securing enrollment. The notice had been removed from the school website by Wednesday night.

Competition for spots in desirable Chinese primary schools is often fierce, with young children sometimes touting outlandish résumés and one school even testing parents’ scholastic aptitudes to determine their child’s eligibility. (Image: VCG)