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    Shanghai School Stabbing Suspect Arrested on Homicide Charges

    Police say man accused of killing two students sought revenge against society.

    The 29-year-old man suspected of stabbing four people at a Shanghai primary school has been arrested on homicide charges, Sixth Tone’s sister publication The Paper reported Friday.

    Huang Yichuan took a bus to Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School, a leading private primary school in the city’s central Xuhui District, on Thursday morning. Around 11 a.m., he used a kitchen knife to stab three students and one parent roughly 130 meters from the school gate. Two students died shortly after arriving at the hospital, while the other two victims are no longer in life-threatening condition.

    A police investigation found that Huang, a native of Shaoyang in central China’s Hunan province, arrived in Shanghai in early June to find a job after struggling to secure work in other cities. After remaining unemployed for weeks, he decided to “take revenge against society,” according to police.

    After the attack, Huang was immediately apprehended at the scene by police, school security guards, and passersby.

    Speculation about the case spread online in the wake of the tragedy, with some saying the suspect had a child who was asked to leave the school despite paying 750,000 yuan ($113,000) to secure a spot, and others claiming that he was a teacher at the school. Shanghai police said Saturday that eight people found to have fabricated and spread such rumors have been punished according to the law.

    Editor: Jessica Levine.

    (Header image: The scene of a stabbing outside a primary school is cordoned off by police, Shanghai, June 28, 2018. Liu Jingwen/Sixth Tone)