2018-03-26 12:23:35

In this episode of Sixth Tone’s podcast, freelancer and contributor Niesha Davis looks at “Black Panther” and views on blackness in contemporary China.

China often represents itself as a monoracial country in which racist advertising or offensive language results from unthinking slip-ups. Yet as the country grows into a global superpower, Davis — who has lived across three continents — argues that it should step up its game.

“You can’t just use ignorance as a crutch forever. It’s up to us — and I mean us as people in general — to evolve,” Davis explains.

Listen to our podcast to hear the stories behind the story, “Can ‘Black Panther’ Change Chinese Attitudes Toward Race?

Episode 5 - Race and Representation in China

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Hosts: Qian Jinghua and Kevin Schoenmakers; guest: Niesha Davis; producers: Zhang Ru and Doris Wang.

(Header image: People at a bus stop in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, Dec. 18, 2008. David Hogsholt/Getty Images/VCG)