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    For years, global campaigns have opposed the “pink tax,” where products marketed to women are priced higher than those for men. In China, the debate intensified recently when university students sued cosmetics giant L’Oréal for discriminatory pricing of facial cleansers.
    With rising costs, shifting consumer demands, and stricter regulations leading to a wave of music festivals being canceled, festival organizers are struggling to attract price-sensitive audiences while maintaining profitability.
    Assistant professor
    The signs of economic abuse aren’t always obvious, but that doesn’t make it any less traumatic.
    Soccer industry specialist
    With a record number of teams dissolving since 2020, can Chinese soccer clubs find a sustainable model for development after three decades of play?
    As China’s societal norms evolve, Cantonese embroidery master Wang Xinyuan no longer feels the need to prove his masculinity and is eager to promote the traditional craft through social media.
    ​​An outsider’s perspective reveals the hidden facets of Shanghai’s taxi culture.