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Why it’s Hard to Reach China’s Depressed Seniors

People aged 50 and over most often show symptoms of depression in China. But doctors find it hard to connect with them.

Fatal Car Crash Sparks Safety Concerns Over Autonomous Driving

Sixth Tone China Writing Contest Finalists Announced

In ‘Zero-COVID’ China, the Elderly Are Becoming Ever More Marginalized

In China’s major cities, residents now have to use “digital health codes” to do pretty much anything: from entering a restaurant to……

Philip Hsu


Trove of Discarded Cassette Tapes Brings Back a Lost Shanghai

Cai Yineng


Did ‘God Songs’ Kill China's God of Rock?

China’s Heat Waves Are Taking a Toll on Pets

Chinese Court Rejects Appeal in Landmark Sexual Harassment Case

China Is Pushing for a Baby Boom. It’s Getting a Baby Bust.

After China’s birth rate plunged to a record low last year, authorities introduced a slew of measures to encourage couples to have ……

Tu Siqi


Shanghai Residents Ask: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Zou Zetao


Want to Beat the Heat? Try These Century-Old Recipes.