2020-01-21 10:03:03

Authorities in the eastern Anhui province have come to the conclusion that wearing pajamas in public isn’t a fashion faux pas — or uncivilized, for that matter.

In a statement Monday, the city administration bureau of Suzhou said it had “withdrawn” an article that shamed seven pajama-wearing people for “uncivilized behavior,” along with their photos and personal information. The bureau said the article posted on its social media platform was published after an “inadequate review process.”

In August 2019, the bureau had announced it was soliciting photographs of so-called uncivilized behaviors from the public, with each approved photo awarded 10 yuan ($1.50).

In recent years, local officials have increased their efforts to police citizens’ behavior and improve their cities’ images. In July of last year, authorities in the eastern city of Jinan issued a guideline against the “Beijing bikini,” barring men from rolling up their shirts and baring their midriffs in public.

A month later, Beijing issued a survey asking residents to select 10 out of 20 uncivilized behaviors — which included spitting in public, petty vandalism, and cutting in line — that they would want to see punished. (Image: @宿州城管服务超市 on WeChat)