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44% of China’s Urban Young Women Don’t Plan to Marry, Survey Says

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Torrential Rainfall Batters Shanxi, Killing At Least 4 People

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Commentary Telling Actors ‘No Heavy Makeup’ Sparks Backlash

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A Woman’s Quest for Motherhood. A Cross-Border Trade in Babies.

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China Bans ‘Beauty Loan’ Ads That Promise ‘Free’ Plastic Surgery

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China to Revoke ‘Gaokao’ Privilege for Students With Special Talents

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Japanese Series ‘Ultraman Tiga’ Vanishes From Chinese Video Sites

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To Fight COVID-19, District Rewards Outing Untested Neighbors

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ByteDance Has a New Educational Video App for Young Users

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China Bans TV Ads for Betel Nuts, a Carcinogenic Snack

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Gaming Company Fined for Letting Minors Play Past Their Curfew

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Chinese Tech Companies Vow to Tear Down Their ‘Walled Garden’

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China Vows to End Gender Inequity But Excludes Sexual Minorities

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Prosecutors Drop Sexual Assault Charges Against Ex-Alibaba Employee

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Xi’an Subway Under Fire After Security Mishandles Female Passenger

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Beijing to Offer Jobs for Those Affected by Education Crackdown

2021-08-18 09:52:10