Overwhelmed Hebei Lab Said COVID-19 Tests Were Fine. They Weren’t.

14 hours

‘Superspreader’ Infected Over 100 in Jilin, Authorities Say

14 hours

Hangzhou Man Arrested for Developing Fake ‘Health Code’ App

Chinese City Trains Surveillance Cameras on Maskless Drivers

4 days

China Reports First COVID-19 Death Since May

After Pre-Holiday Outbreaks, Workers Paid to Celebrate in Place

5 days

Sinovac Vaccine Less Effective Than Touted, Still Above Approval Threshold

5 days

China on Guard After Surge in Coronavirus Infections

6 days

76% of China’s COVID-19 Patients Have Lingering Symptoms, Study Says

2021-01-11 12:21:45

With Active COVID-19 Outbreaks, China Fears Lunar New Year Travel

2021-01-08 11:00:32

Second Chinese COVID-19 Vaccine 78% Effective, Brazil Says

2021-01-08 07:27:57

Shijiazhuang on Lockdown Over Local COVID-19 Outbreak

2021-01-08 06:58:42

In Virus-Free Wuhan, Businesses Are Still Recovering

2021-01-07 13:14:26

Hebei Goes Into ‘Wartime Mode’ Over a Few Dozen COVID-19 Cases

2021-01-06 06:02:55

The Plight of Wuhan’s Forgotten COVID-19 ‘Long-Haulers’

2021-01-05 13:36:22

Beijing Institutes 21-Day Quarantine Policy Over Coronavirus Scare

2021-01-05 09:34:20

China Reports First Case of New COVID-19 Variant

2021-01-01 08:35:00

China Approves First COVID-19 Vaccine

2020-12-31 04:33:07

Window Into Wuhan’s Wards: A Nurse’s Video Diary

2020-12-30 12:28:16

China’s COVID-19 Vaccine About 79% Effective, Company Says

2020-12-30 07:43:48