WHO Approves First Chinese COVID-19 Vaccine for Emergency Use

9 hours

I Got the Vaccine. Why Are So Many Chinese Still Hesitating?

2 days

Chinese Province Launches Gold ‘Health Code’ for Vaccine Recipients

4 days

Shanghai Offers Locals Cash, Groceries to Get COVID-19 Vaccine

2021-04-30 03:26:45

US Relaxes Entry Restrictions on Students Traveling From China

2021-04-28 11:59:33

First Chinese COVID-19 Vaccine Releases Clinical Trial Data

2021-04-13 11:32:08

Wuhan, Revisited

2021-04-07 11:24:42

Chinese Border City Reports 112 Coronavirus Cases After Mass Testing

2021-04-06 10:19:57

Pregnant Women Can Get Vaccinated for COVID-19, China Clarifies

2021-04-01 07:19:25

Chinese Border City on 1-Week Lockdown Over 9 Coronavirus Cases

2021-03-31 10:06:33

In Beijing, COVID-19 Shots Come With Free Grocery Vouchers

2021-03-24 11:23:17

Vaccinations Only Way Out of Pandemic, China Tells Reluctant Public

2021-03-22 08:49:35

China Faces Long March to Herd Immunity

2021-03-18 11:24:41

When My Hometown Went Into Lockdown, It Changed Me

2021-03-16 13:52:30

China Aims to Reopen Borders Using Digital Health Certificates

2021-03-08 11:31:15

Chinese Scientists Identify 44 Animals Susceptible to COVID-19

2021-03-05 09:58:50

China Aims to Accelerate Vaccination, Reach 40% Immunity by June

2021-03-03 11:06:41

China Approves Two New COVID-19 Vaccines

2021-02-26 09:51:53

China’s Viral Holiday Face Masks Raise Health Concerns

2021-02-16 07:57:24

China Confirms First Local COVID-19 Infection of Lunar New Year

2021-02-15 05:14:07