2016-05-07 12:20:29  + video 

Jin Kanran is a post-90s science student, self-taught musician and composer, and the lead singer in his own band. “I’m an all-round musician,” he said.

Since the day he started his band, “Dust,” he and his fellow bandmates, also students, have been constantly rehearsing, making mistakes, and rehearsing again. They do it to make music, to understand each other, and to one day perform live on stage at a big music festival. It’s a simple goal, but also one that’s hard to achieve, especially since most student bands break up after graduation. Still, the members of “Dust” rehearse and play as much as they can. “If we play our best, then our dream will be accomplished,” Jin said. “If I don’t do my best, how can I call it a real hobby?”

The Student Musician:‘Play our best, and the dream will come true.’