2016-04-30 11:05:01  + video 

“Most people don’t see value in things that can’t be converted immediately into money,” said Wang Wei. But he has been on this path for last 10 years.

Wang started to photograph trains when he picked up his first camera in 2005, at 15 years old. By now, the 25-year-old has walked over 300,000 kilometers and taken over 300 thousand photos of trains. But his hobby hasn’t made him any money at all. “It doesn’t matter if I get any recognition,” he said. “I will still be shooting trains.”

Because of dedication to his hobby, Wang has never slowed down in the past 10 years. “I think being free suits me,” he said. He is somewhat of a household name among train photographers, and many of his pictures have been published by Chinese and foreign media. In the future, Wang said he will demonstrate his passion for trains in more ways. “I think my whole life will just be about trains,” he said.

“Doing what you love tends to bring you the most happiness,” he said.

The Train Photographer: “My whole life will probably be about trains.”