2017-02-04 14:21:48

On Monday, the head of psychiatry at a hospital in southwestern China rounded up nearly all the patients in his department, walked out the door, and took them to another hospital.

Guihang Guiyang Hospital, located in Guizhou province, said in a statement on its website Saturday that the doctor, Yang Shaolei, had taken away 64 of the 65 patients admitted in the psychiatry department. The only patient Yang left behind was a 103-year-old Alzheimer’s patient who was also diagnosed with an infection.

When the hospital realized the near-entirety of its psychiatry department was missing, it informed the local police. They confirmed that Yang, as well as the patients, had gone to another hospital in the city, the Guiyang Sixth People's Hospital.

Additionally, four doctors and seven nurses had left their positions without carrying out “relevant procedures.”

The hospital called it an “evil incident” that was planned, organized, and violated the rights of the patients’ guardians. The statement said that the hospital will look for legal ways to investigate Yang and the other medical personnel, and that their salaries would be frozen.

An employee who answered the phone at the Guiyang Sixth People’s Hospital told Sixth Tone that the hospital would be not be providing any comment at this time, and that an official statement would be made on Monday. Sixth Tone could not reach Guihang Guiyang Hospital for comment on Saturday evening.

Additional reporting by Owen Churchill.

(Header image: A view of the Guihang Guiyang Hospital. From the official website of Guihang Guiyang Hospital)