2016-07-24 08:46:57  + video 

There were many firsts for Hua Yiqin during her university days: the first time she slept under the seats in an overnight train; the first time she saw snow-capped mountains and lakes turned into ice; the first time she went paragliding — the list goes on.

Through her experiences, Hua transformed from a self-described geek who loved the indoors to a tough girl who travels alone. She has visited many places in three years, and now she is the leader of an outdoor travel club. “If I hadn’t seen and experienced so many things, I would never have become the person I am today,” she said.

Through endless journeys in messy trains, living on barely any money, and feeling worn-out after long hikes, traveling has brought Hua to new heights. “You can choose ‘shoestring’ or luxury,” she said. “But the point is that it’s never about money.”

The Travel Girl: ‘It’s never about the money.’