2016-07-17 06:49:16  + video 

Unlike most Chinese millennials, Lu Nanhong chose a life that’s peaceful and slow. Working on her clothing brand, Lu is constantly having to come up with designs, but she also finds the time to study indigo dyeing.

Lu studied comprehensive design in university. After graduation, she devoted herself to traditional crafts. Even though indigo dyeing stains her fingernails a permanent blue, she’s fallen in love with dyeing fabric. To Lu, the dyeing process is in a way mysterious, and this uncertainty is what captivates her.

“Since people today want more and more, traditional methods cannot meet the needs of the majority,” Lu says. “But I’d be sad to see traditional dyeing only in museums. I really want to do something to make indigo dyeing thrive again.”

The Indigo Dye Craftswoman: ‘While most people are busy struggling to make a living, I prefer to watch things change slowly, silently.’