2018-05-04 11:06:03

After a brutal breakup last July, Wang Yanru was heartbroken — so much so that she vowed to expose her ex’s abusive behavior and his family’s alleged corruption.

After Wang revealed suspicious discrepancies centering around the family’s income and surprisingly abundant assets, authorities in eastern China’s Jiangsu province began investigating Wang’s ex, Huang Yu, as well as his father, Huang Daolong, for graft, online media outlet Red Star News reported Thursday. Huang Daolong, the former director of the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission of Yangzhou, has been under disciplinary review by the city’s anticorruption watchdog since March.

On Friday, Wang posted old photos of her bruised hands and legs on her Weibo microblog account, along with the police report she filed in July. In the post, she says the police refused to pursue charges against Yu, prompting her to take matters into her own hands.

During her seven-year relationship with Yu, Wang wrote, he beat her and cheated on her. But the final straw came in July, when she learned that during their relationship, Yu had secretly married another woman. According to Wang’s Weibo posts, this is when she started collecting evidence against Yu and his father.

In August, Wang presented an inventory of the family’s assets — including luxury cars, paintings, several properties, bank cards, and cash worth tens of millions of yuan, according to screenshots included in the news report — to the police, who began looking into the case. Wang has also claimed that Yu used his father’s influence and connections to enter the public sector without any prior experience: Yu was head of the procurement department at the Yangzhou Public Resources Trading Center until the police investigation led to him being suspended in October.

Since Wang’s story briefly surfaced in local media in February, she has been posting updates on Weibo. She has also vowed not to give up until both father and son are punished.

An employee at Yangzhou’s discipline inspection commission told Sixth Tone that his department was investigating the case but could not comment on it. “We’ll release the relevant information on our website when we reach a conclusion,” said the employee, who would not give his name because he was not authorized to speak with media.

Since the Red Star News report this week, Wang has received plenty of support, but also some backlash, on social media. “She comes from a rich background too,” commented one unsympathetic Weibo user, referring to Wang’s well-off family. “She wanted a rich official and a stable future but was subjected to domestic violence and ended up alone.”

In keeping with the changing social climate, however, most netizens have backed Wang. “This is definitely a win for women,” wrote another Weibo user. “It shows that women aren’t easy to bully — and that women are strong, too.”

Additional reporting: Nicole Lim; editor: David Paulk.

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