2018-03-10 05:09:09

In this episode of the Sixth Tone podcast, we discuss the styles, stories, and brilliance of some of China’s most renowned photographers.

For a series called “China, Captured,” photo editors Qi Ya and Ding Yining recently interviewed several photographers whose varied work ranges from the poetic landscapes of the Yellow River to highly stylized fashion shots integrating themes as disparate as Beijing’s traditional hutong neighborhoods and space travel.

Our photo editors, who define Sixth Tone’s visual style on a daily basis, also discussed how Chinese and foreign artists depict the country; how many Chinese photographers have pivoted toward video; and how the style of China’s official news agency, Xinhua, dominates the industry.

Listen to our podcast to hear the stories behind the “China, Captured” series featuring photographers Liu Heung Shing, Zhang Hai’er, Zhang Kechun, Chen Man, and Ma Liang.

Episode 4 - China, Captured

This podcast also mentions China’s 2017 in Photos.

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Hosts: Qian Jinghua and Kevin Schoenmakers; guests: Qi Ya and Ding Yining; producer: Doris Wang.

(Header image: From left to right: Ma Liang, Zhang Kechun, Liu Heung Shing, Zheng Hai’er, and Chen Man, Shanghai, 2017. Sixth Tone)