Corrupt Chinese Officials Profiled, Pilloried on New TV Show

4 days

Talent Show Forgets Taiwan, Breaks the Internet

Omission of Tibet in ‘Doctor Strange’ Secures China Release

Oct 12

Bad Boy Cop Show Disappears From Internet

Live TV Show Magnifies Problem of ‘Chengguan’ Misconduct

‘Journey to the West’ — A Chinese Epic for Western Eyes

How Masculine Women Craft New Ideals of Beauty

Sep 14

The Rise and Fall of Film Adaptations

Sep 13

Promo Vid for Korean War Film Revolts Audiences

Olympians Run Wild on Chinese TV

Sep 02

3-D ‘Jason Bourne’ Makes Chinese Audiences Sick

Aug 25

Hospital Documentary Aims to Heal Rift Between Doctors and Patients

Aug 24

Why Americans Won’t Like ‘Journey to the West’ Adaptation

Aug 24

How ‘Little Fresh Meats’ Are Winning China Over

Aug 17

Mediocrity of China’s Films Laid Bare After Paltry Box Office Takings

Aug 11

Funny Video Lights Up Social Media, Turns Out to Be SNL Rip-Off

Aug 04

Chinese Animators Remain Shackled to Japanese Money

Aug 04

Eat, Pray, Escape: Reality TV for Leftover Women

Jul 22

Fans Seek Gay Undercurrents in Marine Blockbuster

Online Roast Show Tests Limits of Chinese Sense of Humor

Jul 07


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