Judge Not Laughing, Calls Hit Comedy Film ‘a Shallow Insult’

6 days

Novelist Behind Hit Chinese TV Show Accused of Plagiarizing 200 Works

Nov 22

Director Angered by Lack of Wanda Cinema Screenings

‘Intern’ Father and Daughter Leave TV Viewers Uncomfortable

In China, Obama and Kim Jong Un Are Actors and Best Friends

Less Censorship Could Make Independent Film Productions Suffer

Nov 08

Q&A: Liang Huan on Becoming China’s Seth Meyers

Nov 01

Sorry Hollywood, The Chinese Market is No Longer Easy Money

Oct 27

Dispute Resolution TV Show ‘Agony Uncles’ Taken Off Air

Oct 26

Corrupt Chinese Officials Profiled, Pilloried on New TV Show

Oct 18

Talent Show Forgets Taiwan, Breaks the Internet

Omission of Tibet in ‘Doctor Strange’ Secures China Release

Oct 12

Bad Boy Cop Show Disappears From Internet

Live TV Show Magnifies Problem of ‘Chengguan’ Misconduct

‘Journey to the West’ — A Chinese Epic for Western Eyes

How Masculine Women Craft New Ideals of Beauty

Sep 14

The Rise and Fall of Film Adaptations

Sep 13

Promo Vid for Korean War Film Revolts Audiences

Olympians Run Wild on Chinese TV

Sep 02

3-D ‘Jason Bourne’ Makes Chinese Audiences Sick

Aug 25


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