Party Inspector’s Bestseller Gives Voice to Corrupt Officials

2 days

Xiongan Poets’ Society Fights to Protect Literature of the Lake

3 days

War, Detention, Revolution: Foreigner Recounts Shanghai History

Chinese Teenager Performs Classical Poetry, Wows TV Judges

Feb 09

The Shallow, Implausible Women Flooding Chinese TV Dramas

Feb 09

Constructive Criticism: Poets Give Voice to Migrant Struggles

Jan 23

Chinese Publishers Turn to TV as Book Profits Spiral

Jan 09

Q&A With Fan Jian on Documentaries of Desire

Dec 17

Chinese Online Novels Find Foreign Fans

Too Hard, Didn’t Read: The Problems Facing Chinese Poets

Dec 06

Novelist Behind Hit Chinese TV Show Accused of Plagiarizing 200 Works

Nov 22

Sino Sequel to Emma Watson Book-Sharing Story

Veteran Writer Rejects Homage, Brings Lawsuit Instead

Chinese Writers of Children’s Stories Must Get with the Times

Oct 18

Remembering Lu Gusun

Harry Potter 8 for Sale on Taobao Month Before Official Release

Sep 29

Rote Learning School Leaves Bad Memories

Sep 19

Q&A With Author Mishi Saran on Uncovering Shanghai’s Parsi Past

Sep 02

Teaching ‘Brave New World’ in China

Why Americans Won’t Like ‘Journey to the West’ Adaptation

Aug 24


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