Controversial Shandong School Told to Cease Militaristic Practices

Largest-Ever Chinese Team to Attend 2018 Gay Games

Oct 08

1 in 3 Chinese College Students Sexually Harassed, Survey Says

Sep 26

Behind the High Walls of Shandong School At Heart of Murder Case

Transgender Groom Walks Aisle in Second of 100 LGBT Weddings

Sep 09

HIV-Positive Gay Men Find Little Support in China

Aug 18

Fans Seek Gay Undercurrents in Marine Blockbuster

Live Broadcasting Gay Banality

Jul 12

University Labels Lesbian Students’ Proposal Obscene

Q&A with Artist Chen Tianzhuo on Buddhism and Bongs

Jun 24

Transgender Man Gets His Day In Court

Jun 17

Court Accepts Lesbian Student’s Lawsuit Over Textbook Homophobia

Gay Man Forced into Psychiatric ‘Treatment’ Sues Hospital

Jun 14

The Fake Gay Men of the Chinese Film Industry

Jun 09

Q&A With Jin Xing on Drama, Dance, Freedom

May 30

Gay Films for Straight Girls

Beijing NGO Relieves Pressure on Peeing

May 20

Love in the Lowlands as a Muslim Lesbian Tomboy

May 20

LGBT Mental Health: Closet Prejudice Remains

May 19

Survey Sheds Light on Chinese LGBTI Experiences

May 17


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