China’s LGBT Youth Face Lots of Bullying, Little Acceptance

Mar 21

Sex Ed Books for Primary Schoolers Shock Chinese Parents

Gay Mom Asks China’s Congress to Allow IVF for Unmarried Women

Jan 19

China Lacks Anti-Discrimination Law With Teeth

Jan 07

When You Are Old, Chinese, and Gay

Jan 04

After Watershed Year, Chinese Trans Activists Hold First Summit

Dec 14

Chinese Gay Activist Crashes Trump Victory Party in Shanghai

Dec 13

Half of Chinese LGBT Face Discrimination in Hospitals, Says NGO

Nov 28

Chengdu, the Questionable Queer Capital of China

Nov 08

Dating While Trans in China

Oct 27

Controversial Shandong School Told to Cease Militaristic Practices

Largest-Ever Chinese Team to Attend 2018 Gay Games

Oct 08

1 in 3 Chinese College Students Sexually Harassed, Survey Says

Sep 26

Behind the High Walls of Shandong School At Heart of Murder Case

Transgender Groom Walks Aisle in Second of 100 LGBT Weddings

Sep 09

HIV-Positive Gay Men Find Little Support in China

Aug 18

Fans Seek Gay Undercurrents in Marine Blockbuster

Live Broadcasting Gay Banality

Jul 12

University Labels Lesbian Students’ Proposal Obscene

Q&A with Artist Chen Tianzhuo on Buddhism and Bongs

Jun 24


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