Man Chains Wife to Computer to Chat Up Strangers for Money

3 hours

Killing in Usury Case Sparks Concerns of Police Negligence

3 days

Abusive Husband Convicted of Killing Journalist

Policeman Who Killed Fellow Officer Sentenced to Death

Mar 20

Deceased Inmate Claimed Prison Staff Delayed His Treatment

Mar 17

Father Arrested for Giving Son Birthday Drugs

Police Crack Down on ‘Hongbao’ Hackers

Mar 10

Diver in Hot Water For Bragging About Whale Shark Catch

Mar 10

Journalist Assaulted by Shenzhen Hospital Staff

Web Celeb Detained for Redirecting Fans’ Calls to Police Hotline

Mar 02

Men Convicted of Guizhou Murder Forced to Confess, Says Lawyer

Mar 01

Beijing Husband Torches Cars, Blames Infertility

Police Target Celebrity Drug District With Crime-Busting App

Feb 15

Jail for Masterminds of ‘Left-Behind Fortune’ Pyramid Scheme

Man Fatally Slashed in Dispute Over Unpaid Wages

Feb 08

Trump Is Enemy of the Law, Says Chinese Judge

Feb 06

Decades-Old Murder Case to Be Reheard by Anhui High Court

Jan 25

Retrial for Shandong Farmer Who Killed Demolition Workers

Jan 18

Unsavory Affairs: Police Bust Counterfeit Condiments Ring

Police Detain Man for Videos of Islamic State Beheadings

Jan 06