Foreign Disciples Flock to Shanghai Tattoo Master

6 days

Beijing Brown: An Indian Comic Artist Explores Between the Lines

Chinese Buyers Bid Big to Bring Relics Home

Mar 22

Shanghai’s Maturing Art Market Shelters Galleries From the Storm

Mar 17

The Artist Rejecting East-West and Old-New Dichotomies

Mar 07

Postindustrial Masterpiece: Shanghai’s Power Station of Art

Constructive Criticism: Poets Give Voice to Migrant Struggles

Jan 23

Chinese Artist to Trump: Bring on the Chaos

Jan 13

Why My Shanghai Book Cafe Could Not Be Free Forever

Jan 09

Chinese Doctor Pens Poem on Lung Cancer for US Medical Journal

Jan 06

Fleeting Moments on the Long March

Dec 21

Remembering Tragedy in Nanjing

Should Chinese Opera Westernize to Find Global Audience?

Dec 12

The Politics of Porn in China

Dec 07

Too Hard, Didn’t Read: The Problems Facing Chinese Poets

Dec 06

Q&A With VR Artist Who Says Technology Will Destroy Us

Dec 02

Beijing Graffiti Artists Have Backs Against Walls

Sorry Hollywood, The Chinese Market is No Longer Easy Money

Oct 27

The Rags-to-Riches Artist Who Doesn’t Want Riches

Oct 10

Q&A With Artist Gu Wenda on Making a Mark With Algae

Sep 21


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