EF Under Fire After Former Teacher Admits to Sexual Blackmail

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New Emphasis on Fitness Testing Raises Concerns for Disabled Kids

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China Approves Landmark Revision to Child Protection Law

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Henan University Professor Disciplined for Sexual Harassment

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China Unveils Plan to Improve Vocational Education

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Inner Mongolia Kindergarten Head Dismissed Over Suspected Child Abuse

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China Improves Supervisor Reassignment for Doctoral Candidates

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Another School Year, Another Debate About Policing Girls’ Hair

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Another Student Handbook Blames Women for Sexual Misconduct

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China’s Students Protest Campus Lockdowns, Reduced National Holidays

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China Wants to Screen Students for Depression. What Then?

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China Uses Social Credit System to Punish Academic Misconduct

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Why Chinese Education Charities’ Grand Gifts Rarely Pay Off

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Fitness to Carry Greater Weight on China’s High School Entrance Exam

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Jiangxi Tells Schools Not to Restrict Students’ Movements

2020-09-18 10:47:29