2020-01-21 09:30:48

A hospital in eastern China’s Zhejiang province has angered some online by installing urinals in women’s toilets.

The Hangzhou First People’s Hospital had intended for the urinals to be a convenience for mothers of young boys, local media outlet Qianjiang Evening News reported Sunday. A hospital staff member told domestic outlet Red Star News that the urinals have actually been in use since 2015.

Years-old or not, the urinals have gone viral this week on Chinese social media. Some have supported the initiative for aiming to make mothers’ lives easier, while others have expressed concerns about privacy and children’s gender awareness, suggesting unisex bathrooms as an alternative.

The employee said the hospital might consider introducing gender-neutral bathrooms in the future to cater to people with special needs, including those with disabilities, pregnant women, or parents with children of the opposite sex. (Image: @小时视频 on Weibo)