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2018-02-12 10:53:33

An earthquake struck Hebei province on Monday evening.

The quake was measured at magnitude 4.3, and hit Yongqing County near the city of Langfang at 6:31 p.m., China Earthquake Networks Center reported.

16 hours

A Chinese version of mobile game ‘Traveling Frog’ is now available for beta testing — though many players say the prodigal amphibian is already past its prime.

The Japanese game went viral in China in January despite only being available in its native tongue. The new version introduces Chinese items like gourd bottles, waxed-paper parasols, and many local delicacies. Travel destinations include Beijing’s Forbidden Palace, cathedrals in Harbin, and even tech giant Alibaba’s headquarters .

Alibaba announced on April 2 that it had been authorized to produce the exclusive Chinese version, which it released as a feature within the Taobao app on May 3. The topic of the frog’s “China tour” has more than 35 million views on Weibo, despite skeptics calling the creature washed-up. (Image: Weibo)

18 hours

An official in Zhenyuan County, Gansu province, is suspected of killing an elderly woman in an elaborate scheme to fake his own death and escape gambling debts, Chongqing Morning News reported Saturday.

On May 8, the 41-year-old cadre, surnamed Qi, allegedly lured the 82-year-old victim, surnamed Jiao, to his car, drove her to an isolated location, strangled her, and burned her body in a simulated car crash. The police said Qi was heavily in debt from online gambling and failed investments. Authorities apprehended Qi on May 11.

According to the media report, Qi is an accountant who assisted with local poverty alleviation efforts, and the victim was one of the households he supervised. When reached by Sixth Tone, neither the county government nor the local police would comment on the case. (Image: VCG)

18 hours

Chinese industrial investment conglomerate Yintai Group has dismissed a vice general manager who feasted on pangolin in Vietnam, The Paper reported Sunday.

Shen Jianping, who worked at one of the company’s subsidiaries in Hangzhou, shared photos of himself eating the endangered scaly mammal on social media while on vacation abroad, the report said. Shen later deleted the photos and apologized for what he called a “stupid mistake.”

Yintai Group said Shen’s behavior contravenes its commitment to conservation. Pangolins are among the world’s most trafficked animals, and eating them is illegal in China. Videos of officials feasting on pangolins and livestreamers slaughtering them for clicks have drawn sharp criticism in recent months. (Image: VCG)

20 hours

In one year, a breast milk bank in Beijing receives only enough donated milk to feed a single infant for three months, Beijing Youth Daily reported Sunday.

The Taihe Charity Breast Milk Bank, which relies on new mothers who donate their breast milk, processes around 70 liters of milk per year. Given that an average 2-month-old consumes 700 milliliters of milk per day, the bank’s annual supply is enough to feed a single infant for just over three months.

With China’s increasing demand for natural milk — in part due to a high-profile milk powder scandal in 2008 — milk banks and lactation consultants have become more prevalent, though many mothers are unaware of such services. As a result, milk-seekers sometimes turn to unregulated and potentially unsafe milk available on the black market. (Image: VCG)

3 days

Yan Chunfeng, vice Party secretary in Guang’an City, has officially been put under investigation for “serious disciplinary violations,” the discipline inspection and supervision committee of Sichuan province said Friday.

Yan is widely assumed to be the “Secretary Yan” who went viral last week after a mother invoked his status in a spat with kindergarten staff over her daughter, who had misbehaved according to a teacher. Yan’s relationship with the mother and daughter is not known.

Net users, who earlier reacted with scorn at the name-dropping, have praised the authorities’ swift action. In China’s years-long anti-corruption campaign, many officials’ downfalls began with investigations into “serious disciplinary violations,” suggesting Yan is in trouble for more than just viral comments.

This article has been updated to clarify the relationship between Yan and the mother and daughter.

3 days

Short video app Douyin sued Tencent for defamation on Thursday, demanding 1 million yuan ($157,000) in damages, because of an article published on the company’s social platform WeChat.

The lawsuit claims that the article accused the viral video app of allowing content dangerous to children but misled readers by including non-Douyin videos, and that WeChat did not verify the article’s authenticity before it was published. Tencent’s head of PR said the company is looking into the accusations.

Despite its popularity, Douyin has repeatedly been mired in controversy. In March, a toddler was injured after her father imitated a video meme posted on the platform, and a month later the company was invited to chat with commerce regulators after some users were found selling fake goods on the platform. (Image: Douyin)

3 days

Five Chinese nationals were arrested by Tokyo police on Wednesday, two months after they allegedly assaulted a security guard in Shibuya district, Global Times reported on Friday.

On Mar. 9, the five students, aged 18 to 26, along with a Japanese man, were seen beating a security guard with plastic stools after a dispute at a store of popular streetwear brand Supreme. According to Global Times, the conflict arose as the security guard said the group had not abided by queueing rules for new-release merchandise. All six men have been arrested.

A video of the brawl has triggered backlash among Japanese netizens and met divided opinions in China. Some felt the assault had shamed the entire nation while others commented that the men had “taught the Japanese a good lesson on the country’s behalf.” (Image: Weibo)

3 days

A court has fined the production companies and distributor behind 2015 Chinese blockbuster “Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe” for using a calligrapher’s trademarked font, Shaanxi-based media reported Friday.

Xiang Jiahong filed a lawsuit against the four companies in 2016 for using a font he said he had created in a couple of scenes without authorization — a claim the defendants disputed. Beijing’s Chaoyang District court sided with Xiang, and ordered the companies to pay him 140,000 yuan ($22,000) in compensation.

“Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe” raked in 600 million yuan at the box office in its first 20 days — but a writer and a composer later accused the film of intellectual property theft for its script and score, respectively. (Image: Combined still frames from ‘Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe’)

3 days

The Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope (FAST) in Guizhou province is installing a more advanced receiver that will improve both the speed and accuracy of its transmissions, Science and Technology Daily reported Friday.

Codeveloped by Chinese and Australian scientists, the new receiver weighs 1.2 tons and cost over 20 million yuan ($3.1 million) to make. The receiver will be functional in June and is expected to make FAST’s sky-scanning up to six times faster.

In theory, FAST can reach the very edge of the known universe. Since going operational in September 2016, the gargantuan telescope has discovered 14 pulsars — a type of star believed to hold the key to answering many mysteries of astrophysics. (Image: VCG)

3 days

Shanghai education authorities ordered the head of a private kindergarten be removed from their position following abuse accusations, The Paper reported Thursday.

On Wednesday, parents of four children at Windmill Kindergarten reported to police after finding scratches on their children’s faces and bodies. Surveillance video showed a nursery teacher had struck the children with a ballpoint pen earlier in the day in an attempt to get them to take a nap.

The teacher was detained on suspicion of maltreating people under her guardianship. The district education bureau urged the kindergarten to fire unqualified teachers. Similar abuse cases last year, including teachers feeding children wasabi and stabbing them with needles, brought a lot of attention to safety issues at China’s preschools. (Image: The Paper)