Amid Rainy Spell, Chinese Meme Makers Ask Sun: ‘Are You Dead?’

15 hours

China Imposes Hefty Fines for Sexist Hiring Practices

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Tencent Music Trades Song Copyrights for Stake in Douban FM

With Mi 9, Phone Maker Xiaomi Goes From Practical to Premium

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130 Pangolins Died in 2 Breeding Centers, News Report Finds

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Police Reopen Alleged Rape Case Amid Justifiable Defense Debate

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Viral ‘Cherry Freedom’ Meme Critiques China’s Cost of Living

Chinese Netizens Decry, Then Defend, Zara Model’s Freckles

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Collage: China’s Week in Photos, Feb. 11-17

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Draft Regulation Bars App-Based Homework in Zhejiang

2019-02-15 12:32:04

State Media Calls for Law Change Amid Lewd Child Cosplay Fad

2019-02-15 03:15:22

China’s Top Health Authority Launches ‘Shared Nurses’ Pilot Program

2019-02-15 03:10:15

Drink Company Probed for Claiming to Give Women Bigger Breasts

2019-02-14 09:09:59

Chinese Sci-fi Author Sparks Work Ethics Debate

2019-02-13 14:26:01

China, India Leading in Earth’s Greening, Says NASA

2019-02-12 11:43:04

Actor Investigated for Academic Misconduct in Doctoral Program

2019-02-12 10:30:30

Collage: China’s Week in Photos, Feb. 4-10

2019-02-10 06:10:37

HIV Scare: Risk to Public Health ‘Very Low,’ Say Authorities

2019-02-07 06:38:05

Chinese Sci-Fi Blockbuster Draws Crowds on Opening Day

2019-02-06 09:39:02

Chinese New Year Gala Performers Target Scammers, Bad Parents

2019-02-05 14:08:59