Thousands of Games Removed From Apple’s China App Store

4 hours

Delayed Chinese War Drama ‘The Eight Hundred’ Cleared for Release

5 hours

China Recorded No Typhoons in July. That’s Unusual.

3 days

Hangzhou Village’s Water Supply Polluted by Compost Plant Runoff

3 days

Beijing Court Rules Against Tencent, ByteDance Apps in User Data Cases

China Strengthens Marketplace Monitoring to Curb Viral Outbreaks

3 days

Shanghai University to Offer City’s First Housekeeping Degree

4 days

Douyin Deletes 170,000 ‘Malicious’ Comments About Grisly Murder

Kids Who Witness Domestic Abuse Are Victims Too, Guangdong Says

4 days

Hunan Man Punished for Using VPN to Watch Porn

5 days

Jilin Official’s Repetitive Book Panned by Chinese Netizens

5 days

Xinjiang Reports Largest Single-Day Spike in Coronavirus Cases

6 days

Series Sheds Light on China’s Dodgy Internet Addiction Schools

6 days

School Message Board Removed Over Puritanical Posts


Viral Video Starts Discussion on Upskirting and ‘Safety Pants’

2020-07-27 12:39:51

Chinese Provinces Move to Ban Plastic Straws by Year’s End

2020-07-27 10:53:47

Shenzhen Mandates Mandatory Microchipping for Pet Dogs

2020-07-27 07:55:28

China’s Nascent Tech Sectors Need 10M Workers by 2025, Report Says

2020-07-24 08:40:43

Shanghai Cancels Major Int’l Sporting Events Scheduled for 2020

2020-07-24 08:12:07

Medical Research Says ‘Virtual Twin’ Could Taste-Test Treatments

2020-07-24 07:03:08